Women & Money: The Retirement Income Gap

CBS Local - Boston
September 28th, 2016


Ladies, smart retirement planning begins with educating yourself on the unique financial challenges women face in retirement.

This article spells out the most critical factors, such as the fact that women have substantially less income than men in retirement and are much more likely to live in poverty as they grow older.

Contributing factors include:

  • Women live longer than men
  • Women earn less than men
  • Women contribute less to their retirement savings than men
  • Women spend more time out of the workforce to care for others

Divorce and widowhood compound the issues for women. Studies show women are worse off financially after divorce: Men’s finances increase by an average of 10% while women’s finances decrease by an average of 28%. In my ten years of doing retirement planning with women, I have seen this happening more often than not.

Ladies, you can prepare yourself for retirement financial success by educating yourself then making a plan and taking action on that plan.

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